A Book as Prism

A Book as Prism 
Publishing workshop 
by Charlotte Cheetham (Manystuff) & Pierre Vanni
27 — 29 APR. 2011 
Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, Madrid
Workshop coordinated by proyecto Prisma

The goal will be to think a publication (printed document) such as a prism, which means such as an element that reveals/refracts and/or disperses information. Of course we are not engineers or computer scientists, but designers. So, we’re not looking for new technological forms, but in search of new «logical» forms including a poetic approach.

In introduction to the workshop, and as textual material for the publication content, we ask you to work with the Jorge Luis Borges’novel «Libro de arena», a story of a book as infinity…
How to narrate this story — and so, design it — in an original and significant way, using the clues given by Borges and the physical/logical/poetical particularities of the prism experiment?
The idea is not to think your publication as the solution of the incongruous title «a book as a prism», but to take it as a pretext to design new kinds of printed documents, new kinds of storytelling.

Workshop pdf with the Borges novel / Le livre de sable (fr)

With Silvia Cuenca, Natalia David Cano, José Diaz, Stefania Fucci, Quino Monje, Maria Platero, Amalia Ruiz Larrea, Juan Santos Blanco, Pablo Vollareal, Maite Zabaleta.


©Pierre Vanni

Projects panorama

"The workshop/Libro de arena/Borges anecdote"
3 stories within one publication,
by Carlos Fernández Pello

Tactile experiments on hidden text,
by Maite Zabaleta, Juan Santos Blanco,
Amalia Ruiz Larrea, Silvia Cuenca

Hyperlinks publication,
by Natalia David Cano, Stefania Fucci, 
Quino Monje, Maria Platero, Pablo Vollareal

El libro de José, 
by Pierre Vanni,
based on José Diaz idea

The giant random illustrated book, 
by Charlotte Cheetham

Folded prism, 
by Quino Monje

Workshop archives, 
by Pierre Vanni

by Maite Zabaleta